People Before Politics - Jennifer Lane for Folsom City Council 2018

Many city councils listen to special interests more than city residents. With your vote, I will not allow this to happen here. I want your trust as I represent you. That’s why my slogan is …

People Before Politics

I believe residents should be heard and respected. Give me your ideas for a better Folsom and together let’s develop them. Residents will always be my priority. I will treat businesses fairly and equitably. Community safety will be a high priority. I will support police, fire departments and encourage our highly dedicated city employees to further a high quality of life, for all residents.

To ensure students get superior education opportunities, I would continue to support a strong working partnership with the city and the school district. Development should be responsible to meet needs of residents. Infill projects should be sensitive to residential neighborhoods already established. We should sustain, enhance, and expand our outstanding parks and trails. Finally, I would insist living within our means and would promote cost savings initiatives.

I want to hear your ideas for a better Folsom. I will listen. Elect me as your City Council Member and I will work for your ideas.

Upcoming Events …

September 15, 2018: Meet and Greet the Candidates at Back Bistro at the Palladio
230 Palladio Pkwy, Suite 1201, from 1-3 PM

September 20, 2018: Meet and Greet at Elvia Triki’s house in Folsom at 11:30 AM

September 20, 2018: All candidates are invited to speak to the residents of Prairie City Landing, Retirement Community
645 Willard Drive in Folsom at 6 PM

September 22, 2018: Meet and Greet at Vicki Morgan’s house in Folsom
131 Rugosa Drive, from 4-5 PM

“25 Year Tradition – Candidates Night at Landmark Baptist Church and Veterans Hall”
September 24, 2018: Candidates Night at Folsom Veterans Hall in Folsom
1300 Forrest Street, from 6-9 PM

September 25, 2018: Meet and Greet at Handy Family Park in Folsom
1560 Cavitt Drive, Folsom, under the Gazebo, at 6:30 PM

September 27, 2018: California Women Lead, 2295 Iron Point Rd. Suite 100  (Safe Credit Union)
This is a forum to promote Women in Politics, from 6-7:30 PM

October 4, 2018: Guest Speaker at the Garden Club in Folsom
I will talk about planting pollinator plants in the open space in the developments on the South of 50

Check Around Town for details and links about previous events …

A guiding principle …

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can

change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

This quote, by Margaret Mead, was by my pencil sharpener for over 20 years to encourage my students to participate in voicing themselves.

Preserve the Quality of Life in Folsom

People Before Politics - Jennifer Lane for Folsom City Council 2018

“People Before Politics”

Let’s Work Together
Campaign #140-4869