My endorsements are trusted friends, former teachers and colleagues, parents and students, all my friends at the Folsom Athletic Association and Historic District Residents Association.

Thank you for your trust!

Ernie Sheldon, Folsom Vice Mayor
HDRA – Historic District Residents Association
Beth Kelly
Paul Terrebonne
Joyce Roderick
Barbra McKenna
Andy Lane
Dan Wilkleman
Sood Family
Heather Blues
Deena Masera
Brent and Hallie Wallace
Shelly & Matt Frost, Folsom High School Mother & Son
Triki Family
Soltani Family
Hooshang Shoja
King Family: Kevin, Joel, Meghan, Amanda and Patty
Kindra Miller
Brian Murray
Tom Handy
Lonnie Langhan
Michael Raffetto
Sunny Lofton
Jack Baker
Peter Maroon
Neila Nunes

Vicki Morgan
Julie Villata
Mark Hallam
Kristen Rogers
Laura Moffitt
Roberto Montanez
Debra Grassel
Steve Schuck
Tom Stewart
PJ Wade
Fred/Sharon Kindel
Janna LePage
Jennifer Scalzi
Cindy/Robin Pharris
Benevento Family
Crystal Tobias
Heidi Bonnett
Jerry Fairlie
Miner Family from Oak Chan: Melanie, Brian, Emily, Charlotte
Joanne Blaiswell
Paul and Dori Keast
Hossien and Shawdieh Mirmonbini
Susan Goodman
Linda Holderness

“Jennifer Lane has the power to bring the good out in the world around her. She has not only inspired me a student, but as a young adult who believes that she can make positive differences for her community every day.” ~Deanna Cuadro

"People Before Politics"

Jennifer Lane for Folsom City Council 2018
604 Sibley St • Folsom CA 95630
Campaign #140-4869