Lake Natoma Park

Preservation, Restoration, Education

The Rejuvenation of the Corporation Yard

Corporation Yard Discussion Begins – August 30, 2017Preservation of this land will be one of the most significiant decisions this City will make in the next twenty years. When elected, I will ensure you that this land will be saved for the enjoyment of Folsom’s residents.

Preservation: We must assure that the 16.4 acres of prime land, located near the river, is set aside for all future generations of Folsom residents. “Land lost is lost forever,” quote by Gary Mann, former City of Folsom, Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

Restoration: This land must be restored to its nature state. We will use local people of groups to help with this effort.

Education: As a 27 year veteran teacher, I know the value that education can bring to many lives. This land has rich layers of history waiting to be presented such as the Native American Indians, Spanish Vaqueros, the Chinese, Africian Americans, miners and pioneers.

We residents already own it, it’s part of our history, let the Folsom residents enjoy it. We the people of Folsom will get it done.

"People Before Politics"

Jennifer Lane for Folsom City Council 2018
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